Are There Any Activities I Should Avoid With Hemorrhoids?

Are There Any Activities I Should Avoid With HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are swellings in the veins that supply the rectum and anus.  They are not dangerous and do not indicate the onset of any severe colorectal conditions, but the symptoms will often include pain and rectal bleeding, which can be concerning.  The bleeding will usually be more severe when the hemorrhoids are external, which means that they protrude outside the anus.  These will also be more painful, particularly when you are sitting down, as this means that your weight will then be pressing on the swollen vein and increasing your discomfort even further.

In order to reduce your symptoms, you need to put as little pressure as possible on the hemorrhoids.  This means that you should avoid spending long periods of time sitting down, unless it is completely necessary.  If you have a job that requires you to be seated for the majority of the time, then it is important for you to take regular breaks.  Even if all you do is stand up and move around for a couple of minutes, this will help to relieve the pressure.

Other activities that you may wish to avoid when you are experiencing the symptoms of hemorrhoids include cycling.  This is because the saddle of the bike will apply a considerable amount of pressure to the affected area of your body, increasing the pain that you feel and making it more likely that further hemorrhoids will develop.  It is also possible that the ones you already have will increase in size and severity as a result of activities such as this, meaning that they may not heal on their own or using one of the less invasive methods of treatment.  Extremely severe cases, where there are very large hemorrhoids, can only be cured through a surgical procedure known as a hemorrhoidectomy.  This will require a general anesthetic, some time in hospital, and at least a week off work in order to recover. The surgery can cause significant pain and you will need to use medications for some time in order to relieve this.  However, the majority of cases do not become this severe, and by following some simple precautions, you can also avoid this.

For more detailed, specific advice about how you can reduce your risk of hemorrhoids by changing your activities and habits, you should book a consultation with your Los Angeles colorectal surgeon.  This should enable you to have an opportunity to discuss your symptoms, the causes and severity of your condition, and also the options regarding treatment.  Changing some aspects of your lifestyle will be recommended initially, such as getting regular exercise and avoiding activities that place pressure on your rectum and anus.  Once they have healed, however, you will be able to return to all of your normal activities, although taking precautions to avoid the formation of further hemorrhoids would be advisable.