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Exercising with Hemorrhoids

Posted: Jul 02 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids – a painful and recurrent interference in your day-to-day life. Caused by pregnancy, obesity, or straining during bowel movements, over half of Americans will have suffered one or more of the typical symptoms of hemorrhoids by the age of 50. Considering the indicators of inflamed hemorrhoids are undesirable and problematic – they can ruin […]

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Too Much Time on the Toilet Can Be a Pain in the Backside

Posted: Jun 27 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

It is somewhat of a great American pastime. Sure, it’s not baseball and it’s certainly not something you will see depicted in a Norman Rockwell painting. But it turns out many of us like to spend time sitting on the toilet. It used to be reading a book, but now we linger in the bathroom […]

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Can an Online Trick Really Cure My Piles in 3 Days?

Posted: Jun 25 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

There’s no doubt about it: piles are irritating. When they are inflamed, you can’t think about anything else. You want relief, and you are willing to try anything. All too often, however, the first place people turn for advice is an Internet search engine. The search turns up sites promising to cure your hemorrhoid symptoms […]

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Enlarged Hemorrhoids: Severity Classification

Posted: Jun 20 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids: What’s their deal? You could say that everyone has hemorrhoids. In simple terms, they are pockets or clumps of veins that live under the membranes lining the inferior section of the rectum and anus. Hemorrhoids occur when these veins become more prominent, resulting in irritation and swelling around the area, causing an uncomfortable and […]

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Hemorrhoid Treatments: Do Home Remedies, and Creams Really Work?

Posted: Jun 18 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are one of the most misunderstood and commonly mistreated human ailments, and it is easy to understand why. Besides the extreme pain, and the idea of a doctor meddling with a shiny scalpel in that highly sensitive area, it is also rather embarrassing. It’s hardly surprising that home remedies for piles can be found […]

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What to Expect During Your PPH – Step by Step

Posted: Jun 13 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

It’s called a stapled hemorrhoidectomy, and it’s one of the leading surgical procedures performed today for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Also known as Procedure for Prolapse & Hemorrhoids (PPH), calling this treatment a stapled hemorrhoidectomy is misleading. This procedure does not completely remove the inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue like a traditional hemorrhoidectomy. Instead, it removes a […]

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How and Why Does a Hemorrhoid “Grow”?

Posted: Jun 11 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

Even people who do not experience the typical burning and itching we associate with piles have hemorrhoidal tissue. Hemorrhoids are blood vessel-filled soft tissues just inside the anus, at the end of the rectal canal. They play a role in control when stool is released. When this tissue becomes inflamed and engorged, swelling is the […]

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PPH Complications: Reducing the Risk

Posted: Apr 30 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

Procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids, commonly called PPH, offers an effective treatment for Grade 3 and 4 hemorrhoids that previously required invasive surgery to remove. However, like any medical procedure, some people experience side effects or complications after undergoing a stapling procedure. As surgeons gain experience with any procedure, they become more comfortable and more […]

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What If My Hemorrhoids Do Not Respond to Conservative Treatment?

Posted: Apr 25 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

Most people find relief for their hemorrhoids by acting to reduce constipation and other risk factors. When a patient presents with hemorrhoids, we often first prescribe a diet high in fiber, with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Other lifestyle changes and stool softeners may also be a part of our prescribed conservative treatment. Often, this […]

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Modern Technology Brings Advances in Hemorrhoid Treatment

Posted: Apr 23 in Blog by lahemorrhoids

In the past, treating hemorrhoids that did not respond to a change in diet and lifestyle often required a hemorrhoidectomy procedure to remove the offending tissue. This procedure is very effective but requires extensive recovery time. Thanks to new tools and recently developed procedures, today many people can avoid invasive hemorrhoid treatment. There are a […]

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